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Light is both friend and foe in the manic game of Hunt 'n Sneak, an arcade multiplayer game set in an alternate realm where mystical and magical creatures dwell. Home to the peaceful, albeit mischievous Pixies, the realm is threatened by terrifying beasts. Darkness rises as Gobblers from a far off land with a taste for Pixies try to over run their kingdoms.

In Hunt 'n Sneak, one player must take control of a fearsome Gobbler, who have invaded the Pixie realms and are doing their best to devour the Pixies! The remaining players control the mischievous Pixies, who are doing their best to survive by hiding in the shadows. As a Pixie, use bursts of light known as "pings" to navigate the environment. Each time a Pixie pings, however, their location is temporarily revealed to the Gobbler. For the Gobblers to be victorious they must devour each of the Pixies within the allocated time. In order for the Pixies to claim their victory, at least one of them must survive until the very end of the game.


Hunt 'n Sneak was originally conceived as Ping during a game jam at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE), Melbourne in 2016. Winning first place for the game jam's category "Couch Multiplayer", the game proved to be highly entertaining from its inception; with its core gameplay mechanics being praised for the simple fun they generated.

Founded by James Koehne in May 2017, Pixel Engineers Game Studio took on Hunt 'n Sneak as its first development title. Hunt ‘n Sneak has been showcased at PAX AUS in 2017, where groups of people gathered, eager to get their hands on with the game. A number of groups managed to return many times over the course of the event, eager to try and beat the game! In early 2018 a demo version was made available for public download and, since then, has continually been updated and improved upon.  


  • Gather family members and/or friends and play with up to four players locally or online.

  • Explore a number of stunningly captivating maps including the Murky Cave, Abandoned Mansion and Enchanted Forest

  • As a Pixie, try to follow your own movements through each environment, pinging when necessary to help you navigate, or to make sure you're a safe distance away from the Gobbler. Pick up Moon Drops along the way to give you special abilities!

  • As the Gobbler, pursue the Pixies using Pixie revealing lights. Revel in their fright as you hunt them down before gobbling them up with your attack.

  • Coming Soon: New game modes including Ping For Your Life and Stockpile -
    • Ping For Your Life: The Gobbler now mimics the Pixies and can set a trap with a fake ping. The Pixies must respond quickly with their own pings, or, they must face the consequences. If all remaining Pixies respond within the time limit, they gain a speed boost at the risk of revealing their locations. Failure to ping results in all Pixies being slowed down. 
    • Stockpile: Pixies earn points by collecting pixie dust from blooming crystals. The round is won when either enough points are gained or when all the Pixies have been gobbled up! 
  • Coming Soon: More Gobblers, Pixies, Abilities and Power-ups! 



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  • "The biggest indie gaming stories for the week of May 25, 2018" - Indie DB for Hunt 'n Sneak 

Quotes from the Developers

"Remember that innocent, carefree fun of chasing your friends around the schoolyard? That's Hunt 'n Sneak...well, with a good fright here and there, and some kick-ass visuals" - Daniel Spiteri

Team and Repeating Collaborator

James Koehne (Founder)
Programmer - Pixel Engineers 

Cheng Xu
Artist - Pixel Engineers

Daniel Spiteri
Game Designer - Pixel Engineers

Jeff Dunn
Audio Engineer - Freelancer

Special Thanks
Sarah Reeve

Neth Robinson
Game Designer