What is Hunt 'n Sneak?

Hunt ‘n Sneak is a chaotic asymmetrical multiplayer game, where light truly is both friend and foe. Gobblers have descended upon the Pixie kingdoms, bringing with them a mysterious fog that has settled upon the land.

Players controlling the Pixies must use their wit and memory to recall where they are located; all the while hoping they aren’t walking towards a Gobbler! Fortunately, Pixies are able to emit a Ping, which briefly illuminates their surroundings. But be careful, you never know who might be watching, and a Gobbler may soon be chasing you down! Players controlling the Gobbler must hunt down the Pixies, capturing them all to successfully invade the kingdom.

Soon your heart will be racing as you sit on the edge of your seat. Where are I? Is a Gobbler nearby? Am I safe? Am I walking continually into a wall? Am I even alive??


The Pixies lived in peace, their realms were once idyllic and vast. Now they must fight to survive the Gobbler invasion! Only you can stop the Gobblers from absorbing all of their life essence!


The Gobblers travel from realm to realm destroying all in their path. They have now invaded the Pixie kingdoms, absorbing Pixie life essence in order to survive. Do you too have a taste for Pixie essence?!

Pixie Kingdoms

Traverse the depths of the Glittering Caverns, become enchanted within an Amethyst Forest, roam the House of Horrors, explore the Citadel of Shadows, and sneak through the Infernal Wastes, as you travel across each of the Pixie realms.

Master forgotten magic

Discover the unique character abilities including: wormhole teleportation, scouting familiars, disguise and many more.