Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #8 - Forest Update, a Snow day in the Making, and Improving Navigation

New Shrubbery! (I'm Excited)

After taking a long hard look at the Forest we decided that the pine trees had to go; so we cooked up some trees that are better suited to the map, and they definitely give it a more foresty feel. The new trees are currently being implemented and the map will soon be updated with the changes. You can get an idea of what they will look like from the image below. 


Winter is coming

Wow...that even felt corny as I was writing it. Anyway, yes we've started on what will be our new snow map. Get ready for some ice skating as the map will feature several frozen bodies of water. Still in it's very early stages, we hope to implement several new design elements into the map to give it it's own unique twist. We are looking to draw some inspiration from the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival to light the scene. More on this as it develops. 

Huh...where am i??

As a Pixie we understand that at times it becomes quite hard to get an idea of where you are without showcasing your location to the Gobbler. In order to remedy this Pixies will soon be partially visible whenever they come into contact with a source of light, and will have a feint outline when hidden (i.e. beneath a tree). We hope that this will make it easier for players to keep better track of where they are in the map without making themselves, quite literally, a beacon for the Gobbler to hone in on.