Hunt n' Sneak Devlog #7 - Rethinking the Darkness and Adding to the Roster!

We've Been Listening

So a lot of feedback we've gotten from you guys points to the darkness of each level being a little too...well, dark. So we've put our heads together (not literally, that would be weird) to come up with a few other ways we can hide the characters without completely casting blackness over majority of the maps. Some marvellous ideas that came out of that brain storming session were a think fog and a blizzard (yeah, there's going to be a snow level at some point, but sssshhhh don't tell anyone). We're already trialling the fog in the soon-to-be-completed Enchanted Forest, as seen in the image below. 

New Characters on their Way!

We are currently working on bringing you new character models for both the Gobblers and Pixies, which will be selectable prior to each round. In our efforts we aim to bring a several new Gobblers and Pixies into the game within the next 3 months, and we will only continue to add more from there. Below will give you a glimpse at what some of these new designs for the Pixies might look like. 

Other Updates

In other news...more networking - yep, lots and lots of networking. We've revamped the networking code to be super modular, and networked the new abilities - charge (we'll show that off soon enough) and shield. 

GUI is something we're also reviewing and improving, gunning for the best possible experience. We're actively working to improve GUI systems to handle a variety of situations that may be encountered, and also designing new screens that offer character, game mode, and map selection.