Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #5 - EPIc amounts of writing, Kill Cam, and Forest Update

Funding application

Over the last month we have been doing writing, planning and more writing for a funding application for Film Victoria and boy have we had an epic journey of writing and planning. It has been great to really flush out our idea though so we can figure out important stuff like how we are going to market and pitch the game, aiming to really sell our idea, and planning an approximate timeline for how we are going to fit all of this in! 

There is one exciting thing about all of this planning though, we are aiming to go to PAX Australia again this year! So pencil in the dates, book your flights and come down to see the game and its developers because we are really excited to show it off to everyone!

Code Overhaul

So lets get the boring out of the way first (or at least boring to those of us who aren't programmers). We've spent a truckload of manpower recently rewriting the entire code base in a more modular way so that there are no dependency issues with networked objects being different to non-networked objects. The desired outcome is that when something is networked the network functionality can be added on top of the existing code instead of having to churn out new code that does the same thing (I'm going to pretend I just understood that thing I just wrote). 

Kill Cam 

No, our project has nothing against people named Cam or Cameron. Just wanted to clear that up real fast. More exciting than name based prejudice is our soon-to-be-implemented camera feature that hones in on the last pixie standing and their final dance-off with the Gobbler. Of course when I say dance-off I mean spine tingling, last chance at survival, crazy dash out of the gnashing jaws of...well you get it.

Forest Update

The Enchanted Forest is shaping up to be our most detailed stage yet, and I have to say, our thumbs are plenty green. Currently we're in the midst of creating a strikingly ambient environment, paying close attention to the layout of each area. We'll be showing off some actual in-game snaps soon, but for now, here's a sneak peak at some of the flora you can expect to encounter.