Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #4 - Multiplayer Beta Online and Some Bright Ideas!


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As the game is prepared to take the plunge into online multiplayer there's been lots of networking changes and de-bugging. Amidst all the chopping and changing the join a friend function has been added so that players can connect with each other and play in a private session. Yay! During this Beta stage of development players can enter their name and start a round to which other players can then join by entering the name of the host player.

The Enchanted Forest

Work has begun on bringing the Enchanted Forest level to life. Once we had discarded an acceptable amount of layout concepts we finally came up with the winning ticket. The forest will be populated with a range of flora including giant kapok-like trees, and mushrooms and flowers that resemble something out of Alice in Wonderland. Glowing mushrooms will be a thing (try to avoid eating them) as well as swarms of fireflies (is it a swarm?) that might just give you away.  

Larger playable area & kill cam

Currently the game shows all players on the screen at the same time, the camera maintaining a set distance despite the number of players remaining. We thought this was a tad boring, so you know, we got creative. The idea is to create a camera system that slowly follows the centre point between all active players. For instance, if all players move towards one direction of the map then the camera will reveal more playable area!

Whilst our creative juices were flowing we thought it would be really cool to implement a kill cam. Over the next few weeks we are going to trial an effect whereby the camera zooms in on the distance between the Gobbler and the last Pixie standing for that increased adrenaline rush! You'll be up close and personal as the Gobbler closes in on its final victim. 

Lighting up the maps

We have had a bunch of feedback saying the game is too dark, making it difficult to play. In light of this (get it? - light) we have made several changes in an effort to illuminate the environment: 
 - Increased the intensity of the crystal's lighting
 - Added a glow and slight lighting effect to the mushrooms
 - Introduced skylights to the cave and mansion

Whilst we were in the process of building the game for Mac we came to the realisation that the game's darkness varies from monitor to monitor. As we want all players to have a consistently good experience, and you know, actually be able to see stuff, we are considering adding a gamma/brightness slider that you'll be able to adjust both at the beginning of the game and via the options menu. 

Ceiling lights

To create the skylight we first created a light cookie, then added it to a light above the map.


Here are some new hider concepts