Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #9 - New Faces


Taking a moment out of our busy schedules to introduce you to several new characters that will soon be appearing in game. You've already had the pleasure of meeting Shrooms, our resident purple capped Pixie, now we'd like you to meet Bergy, Cinder, and Rumble. 




We're also working on more Gobbler's for your enjoyment. So...further to the frightening one-eyed monstrosity that is Lobotto, allow us to introduce Terrantula. 

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #8 - Forest Update, a Snow day in the Making, and Improving Navigation

New Shrubbery! (I'm Excited)

After taking a long hard look at the Forest we decided that the pine trees had to go; so we cooked up some trees that are better suited to the map, and they definitely give it a more foresty feel. The new trees are currently being implemented and the map will soon be updated with the changes. You can get an idea of what they will look like from the image below. 


Winter is coming

Wow...that even felt corny as I was writing it. Anyway, yes we've started on what will be our new snow map. Get ready for some ice skating as the map will feature several frozen bodies of water. Still in it's very early stages, we hope to implement several new design elements into the map to give it it's own unique twist. We are looking to draw some inspiration from the Otaru Snow Light Path Festival to light the scene. More on this as it develops. 

Huh...where am i??

As a Pixie we understand that at times it becomes quite hard to get an idea of where you are without showcasing your location to the Gobbler. In order to remedy this Pixies will soon be partially visible whenever they come into contact with a source of light, and will have a feint outline when hidden (i.e. beneath a tree). We hope that this will make it easier for players to keep better track of where they are in the map without making themselves, quite literally, a beacon for the Gobbler to hone in on.  

Hunt n' Sneak Devlog #7 - Rethinking the Darkness and Adding to the Roster!

We've Been Listening

So a lot of feedback we've gotten from you guys points to the darkness of each level being a little too...well, dark. So we've put our heads together (not literally, that would be weird) to come up with a few other ways we can hide the characters without completely casting blackness over majority of the maps. Some marvellous ideas that came out of that brain storming session were a think fog and a blizzard (yeah, there's going to be a snow level at some point, but sssshhhh don't tell anyone). We're already trialling the fog in the soon-to-be-completed Enchanted Forest, as seen in the image below. 

New Characters on their Way!

We are currently working on bringing you new character models for both the Gobblers and Pixies, which will be selectable prior to each round. In our efforts we aim to bring a several new Gobblers and Pixies into the game within the next 3 months, and we will only continue to add more from there. Below will give you a glimpse at what some of these new designs for the Pixies might look like. 

Other Updates

In other news...more networking - yep, lots and lots of networking. We've revamped the networking code to be super modular, and networked the new abilities - charge (we'll show that off soon enough) and shield. 

GUI is something we're also reviewing and improving, gunning for the best possible experience. We're actively working to improve GUI systems to handle a variety of situations that may be encountered, and also designing new screens that offer character, game mode, and map selection.  

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #6 - A Look at the Enchanted Forest!

Forest Update

So it's been a little while coming now, but we're finally happy to present you with the first in-game look at the Enchanted Forest level which will released later this month. It's the most detailed level thus far, and I personally think it's got a great look. We can't wait for you guys to jump in!


Abilities and Power-ups

The first abilities and power-ups are being introduced in Hunt 'n Sneak! Pixies will soon be able to repel the Gobbler's advances with a bubble shield by collecting moon drops throughout the level. Gobblers on the other hand will be able to bear down on the Pixies by using a charge ability. These mechanics will take Hunt 'n Sneak game play to the next level, and this is just the beginning! Watch this space for more updates that are right around the corner!


Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #5 - EPIc amounts of writing, Kill Cam, and Forest Update

Funding application

Over the last month we have been doing writing, planning and more writing for a funding application for Film Victoria and boy have we had an epic journey of writing and planning. It has been great to really flush out our idea though so we can figure out important stuff like how we are going to market and pitch the game, aiming to really sell our idea, and planning an approximate timeline for how we are going to fit all of this in! 

There is one exciting thing about all of this planning though, we are aiming to go to PAX Australia again this year! So pencil in the dates, book your flights and come down to see the game and its developers because we are really excited to show it off to everyone!

Code Overhaul

So lets get the boring out of the way first (or at least boring to those of us who aren't programmers). We've spent a truckload of manpower recently rewriting the entire code base in a more modular way so that there are no dependency issues with networked objects being different to non-networked objects. The desired outcome is that when something is networked the network functionality can be added on top of the existing code instead of having to churn out new code that does the same thing (I'm going to pretend I just understood that thing I just wrote). 

Kill Cam 

No, our project has nothing against people named Cam or Cameron. Just wanted to clear that up real fast. More exciting than name based prejudice is our soon-to-be-implemented camera feature that hones in on the last pixie standing and their final dance-off with the Gobbler. Of course when I say dance-off I mean spine tingling, last chance at survival, crazy dash out of the gnashing jaws of...well you get it.

Forest Update

The Enchanted Forest is shaping up to be our most detailed stage yet, and I have to say, our thumbs are plenty green. Currently we're in the midst of creating a strikingly ambient environment, paying close attention to the layout of each area. We'll be showing off some actual in-game snaps soon, but for now, here's a sneak peak at some of the flora you can expect to encounter. 

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #4 - Multiplayer Beta Online and Some Bright Ideas!


We need more feedback! Help us improve the game by filling out our feedback form. Your input is immensely appreciated. 


As the game is prepared to take the plunge into online multiplayer there's been lots of networking changes and de-bugging. Amidst all the chopping and changing the join a friend function has been added so that players can connect with each other and play in a private session. Yay! During this Beta stage of development players can enter their name and start a round to which other players can then join by entering the name of the host player.

The Enchanted Forest

Work has begun on bringing the Enchanted Forest level to life. Once we had discarded an acceptable amount of layout concepts we finally came up with the winning ticket. The forest will be populated with a range of flora including giant kapok-like trees, and mushrooms and flowers that resemble something out of Alice in Wonderland. Glowing mushrooms will be a thing (try to avoid eating them) as well as swarms of fireflies (is it a swarm?) that might just give you away.  

Larger playable area & kill cam

Currently the game shows all players on the screen at the same time, the camera maintaining a set distance despite the number of players remaining. We thought this was a tad boring, so you know, we got creative. The idea is to create a camera system that slowly follows the centre point between all active players. For instance, if all players move towards one direction of the map then the camera will reveal more playable area!

Whilst our creative juices were flowing we thought it would be really cool to implement a kill cam. Over the next few weeks we are going to trial an effect whereby the camera zooms in on the distance between the Gobbler and the last Pixie standing for that increased adrenaline rush! You'll be up close and personal as the Gobbler closes in on its final victim. 

Lighting up the maps

We have had a bunch of feedback saying the game is too dark, making it difficult to play. In light of this (get it? - light) we have made several changes in an effort to illuminate the environment: 
 - Increased the intensity of the crystal's lighting
 - Added a glow and slight lighting effect to the mushrooms
 - Introduced skylights to the cave and mansion

Whilst we were in the process of building the game for Mac we came to the realisation that the game's darkness varies from monitor to monitor. As we want all players to have a consistently good experience, and you know, actually be able to see stuff, we are considering adding a gamma/brightness slider that you'll be able to adjust both at the beginning of the game and via the options menu. 

Ceiling lights

To create the skylight we first created a light cookie, then added it to a light above the map.


Here are some new hider concepts


Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #3 - Multiplayer, Abilities and Upcoming Levels

Online Multiplayer

The core game mode is now fully networked and ready for lots of testing. Basic matchmaking has also been completed, connecting you to players in your region. Soon you'll be able to jump online and play with your friends, taking on the role of the hunter, now re-named the Gobbler, or the hiders, now known as Pixies. To make this a reality we're currently working on adding a server list that will allow you to see and join games, as well as the ability to join your friend's games by typing in their username. 

Multiplayer public demo is going to be available 23rd of April!

Introducing Abilities

In an effort to increase the diversity of game-play we've begun to think about and design abilities for the Gobblers and power-ups for the Pixies. Before the commencement of each round the player taking on the role of the Gobbler will be able to select a Gobbler with a unique ability. Examples include a charge ability, night vision, and a ranged attack. Similarly Pixies will be able to collect items known as moon drops during the round to gain power-ups; including but not limited to invisibility from the Gobblers light, an oil slick, and decoy ability. 

Levels in Development

You've seen the Dark Cave and Spooky Mansion, but know that we are hard at work putting together new levels for your entertainment.

The pixies Enchanted Forest home is threatened by the Gobbler's insatiable hunger. Amidst giant flowers and mushrooms and beneath the umbrella of the tallest trees, he stalks his frolicking prey. So run and hide little pixies, run and hide or become a tantalising meal for the fearsome hunter.

A Creepy Dungeon is no place for pixie folk, especially when the Gobbler is close by, looming and lurking in the shadows. Within these cold stone walls where once many uncomfortable unpleasantries ensued, the inhabitants now search for a place to hide, to sneak away from gnashing teeth and pinching pincers. 

Environment concepts:

Cave Enviro.png
Cave and Forest Enviro.png



Finally, we've added a Feedback Form accessible from the home screen. We'd appreciate any and all feedback you can provide us so that we can work towards providing the most enjoyable game-play experience for you, the players. 

Here's a look at some of the new Gobblers

Pugsley -  he will find you where you hide

Pugsley - he will find you where you hide

Waxopus -  nothing escapes his long grasp

Waxopus - nothing escapes his long grasp

Yokai  - he's a sticky one

Yokai - he's a sticky one

Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #2 - Lighting Tests and Online Multiplayer


Online Multiplayer

We have players running around over the internet!! Whoo! I can’t wait for everyone to start playing the game together, and very likely with me.

All we need to do now to get online multiplayer into your hands is to network the gamemode and test, test, and more testing to ensure a fun demo of the online multiplayer part of the game!

Lighting change

Looking over the feedback for the game some players are mentioning that the game is too dark and hard to read what is going on in the game, so I have had a tinker with the lighting and shadows and came up with something that I think feels a bit better without ruining the darkness of the game.

The changes:

Making the crystals lights more intense made me think the crystals would look better with a glow effect on them, so I tried that too:

I will be adding these effects into the demo in the next few days so you guys can test it out.


We would like anyone trying the demo out to give some feedback on their thoughts on the game, whether it is good or bad we are interested to hear your opinions! Please join us on Discord ( and let’s have a chat. Otherwise we will read any comments on the game demo pages.

Concept images for the week


Hunt 'n Sneak Devlog #1 - Multiplayer and More Controllers!


Online multiplayer is making good progress, we have settled on using Photon as it looks to be the most robust solution and so far exactly what we are looking for.

I have already added the ability to start online matchmaking which will either select a random room which has free spots or will create a new one if none available and up to the point where you are in the same lobby.

Over the next week or so I will make the in-game part networked and then do some internal testing before we upload a new version of the demo so you guys can try it out!

Mobile controller

It is my goal to make the game as easy as possible to play with your friends, and on PC that can sometimes be difficult when you only have a few controllers or just a keyboard. But why not use mobile phones as controllers, since almost everyone has one it makes sense.

So what we will do is create an app that you can download on Android or iOS which will automatically connect to the game via a local wifi connection, then you will be able to control the game from your mobile!


We would like anyone trying the demo out to give some feedback on their thoughts on the game, whether it is good or bad we are interested to hear your opinions! Please join us on Discord ( and let’s have a chat. Otherwise we will read any comments on the game demo pages.


This week we worked on the Hider concepts and starting to get a really nice theme for them.