Light is both friend and foe


Set in a realm filled with mystical creatures, you must use your strength to devour the Pixies or, utilise light as the only means of navigation to escape the terrifying Gobblers!

Pursue, evade and outwit your opposition to win!



The Pixie realms have been invaded by Gobblers, and now an inescapable darkness has settled upon their kingdom.

Fulfil the roles of the fearsome Gobblers as they try to overtake the Pixie realms. As a Gobbler you must hunt your prey using any available light source, as well as any magical powers you may come to possess.

Take control of the mischievous Pixies as they sneak around in the shadows, biding their time in order to survive. As a Pixie you must evade the Gobblers using your “ping”, which emits an illuminating light that lets you navigate your surrounds. Be aware, however, that in this game light is both friend and foe and you never know just who might be watching!


Once idyllic, the Pixie realms have been turned upside down and the Pixie colonies have become scattered. Because of this, the epic battles of domination versus survival take place across a number of realms. So, traverse the depths of a murky cave, roam the ruins of an abandoned mansion, and explore an enchanted forest, as you travel across each of the Pixie kingdoms.

Coming soon: Be as a brave as a knight as you walk the halls of a long forgotten castle!


The Pixies have a vast array of abilities up their sleeves. Unfortunately, a few of their more advanced magics have been forgotten, and it’s now up to you to help unlock their full potential. One power has been maintained in the Pixies though, and that is to produce a momentary and impenetrable dome shield. On top of that, Pixies love their Moon Drops for the power they hold! So be quick to find the Moon Drops to help power up your Pixie!

Coming soon: When collecting the Moon Drops, be prepared to unlock some epic abilities along the way! So, weave your way around the worlds with wormhole, become a master of deception with disguise, and leave the Gobblers for dust with dash.


Ping For Your Life: Oh no, the Gobbler now has a taste for Moon Drops and is able to emit a ping of light, just like the Pixies! Unfortunately for the Pixies, pinging in unison has its risks and rewards, but failing to do so has consequences of its own. So, ping in time and you might be fine, ping too late and you might have to wait!

Stockpile: Pixie dust, it’s like catnip, only for Pixies. Gather the falling pixie dust at it flows from giant crystals during the full moon. But, beware of the Gobbler who will surely be stalking nearby, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.